Astar Studios Meets Up With The Pentatonic

Andy Ross, a Mercury Prize-nominated producer and the owner of Astar Studios in Manchester, recently met with Stuart Daley, CEO of The Pentatonic, to discuss their shared zeal for emerging music and their commitment to nurturing new artists and bands.

Since 2008, Astar Studios has been offering professional recording services and supporting up-and-coming artists and bands from across the UK and internationally. Recognized twice as one of Europe’s top four recording studios at the esteemed ProSound Awards, Astar boasts state-of-the-art facilities tailored for high-end recordings and music production, all at accessible rates. With a fusion of cutting-edge control room technology and exceptional live room acoustics, Astar is dedicated to empowering artists with top-tier quality to enhance their presentation, acknowledging the ever-growing competitiveness of the industry.

Andy Ross remarked, “Beyond my endeavours with major record labels, I find immense fulfilment in collaborating with emerging bands and artists. Having been in a band myself in my younger years, I understand the challenges of this industry first-hand. In today’s musical landscape, where perfection is almost a prerequisite, the essence still lies in the music itself. At Astar, our mission is to equip you with the finest quality to maximize your potential. The industry has never been more demanding.”

Concert crowd

The Pentatonic, headquartered in Manchester, UK, operates as a concert promoter, music magazine, and artist management firm, driven by a passion for nurturing exceptional talent and aiding artists in realizing their full potential.

Specializing in grassroots music, The Pentatonic is dedicated to nurturing artists from their initial releases and performances to cultivating a dedicated following. Leveraging the magazine’s support and insights from artist management, The Pentatonic orchestrates concerts tailored to provide artists with optimal venues for success, prioritizing comprehensive promotion across various mediums.

Stuart Daley, the visionary behind The Pentatonic, reflected, “My journey began with organizing showcases in Manchester for grassroots bands seeking recognition, and it became evident that these events were instrumental in their growth. This realization inspired the inception of The Pentatonic, serving as a platform to spotlight new talent within the music industry. Over the years, The Pentatonic has flourished, attracting a growing online following where we actively review the latest singles and albums across all genres.”

In summary, Astar Studios and The Pentatonic were founded with the mission of nurturing emerging talent. Andy Ross and Stuart Daley are committed to providing assistance, yet in today’s competitive landscape, artists must demonstrate the market demand for their work. Both Astar Studios and The Pentatonic eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you. Feel free to reach out to us!

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