At Astar Studios we seek to capture the very best performance from every artist and help support their musical ambitions. As a ‘Producer Owned’ studio, our reputation rests upon the quality of every recording that bears our name and that of the studio’s producer Andy Ross. 

Where needed we provide help with songwriting, pre-production and access to the finest instruments and session musicians.

Kit Downes Trio - Golden cd cover
Pixie and the Gypsies - Honey Trap cd cover
Yamaha Jazz 2008
Yamaha Jazz 2009
Yamaha Jazz 2010
Yamaha Jazz 2011
Yamaha Jazz 2012
Yamaha Jazz 2013
Yamaha Jazz 2014
Yamaha Jazz 2016
Kristyna Adams - The Paris Match cd cover
Kristyna Miles - Pinch Me Quick cd cover
Garcia Cox - Brand New Start cd cover
Ella Shaw - Imperfections cd cover
G Punto - Da la Cara cd cover
Tom Seals - Ace - cd cover
Route East - Nothing to Lose cd cover
Dominic Piers Smith - The Power of Dreaming cd cover
Casper Mason - Learning to Walk cd cover
Astar Stills_0020_10. JD Cover
Imogen Rae - Queen of Hearts cd cover
Jack Trainer - Knitting Club cd cover
English Outback - Chance on Love cd cover
Hayley McKay - Favourite Place cd cover
Mikki Redhead - 14 cd cover
Baby Taylor cd cover
The Clectix - This is the Scene cd cover
Citiglow - Shiver cd cover
Gareth Evans - Moving in Circles cd cover
Effi-Nicki cd cover
Keshia - Circles cd cover
Rikky James - New Beginning cd cover
Mirren - Devilish Lady cd cover
Steph Woods - Share my World cd cover
The Great Plain cd cover
Tim Gallagher - Take me Home cd cover
The Statements - Stand Divided cd cover
Kris James - The Dreaming Man cd cover
December Giant cd cover
Callum Thomas - Dusk to Dawn cd cover
Steph Ball - Brother cd cover