Experience podcast recording like never before at Astar Studios, surrounded by iconic music artist memorabilia from The Beatles to Jimmy Hendrix. Our unique space, featuring platinum discs from legendary bands like Oasis and Tina Turner, offers the perfect setting with comfy leather sofas and a fender guitar table. Benefit from Manchester’s Finest Studio, equipped with top-quality broadcast microphones, ensuring the highest recording standards. 

Enhance your podcast’s credibility and reputation by choosing our professional venue, led by an experienced engineer for optimal audio levels. Optional editing services and custom music creation by producer Andy Ross, known for his work with brands like Pepsi and Sky Boxxer, are also available. Explore filming possibilities in our spacious facility. 

Contact us at 0161 280 0908 or email [email protected] to schedule a visit and discuss your project. Elevate your podcasting experience at Astar Studios!