Welcome to a ‘New Normal’ As Astar Re-opens After Covid-19 Lockdown

I’d like to say how delighted I am to announce that Astar Studios is open for business again, and to explain the changes we have introduced to comply with social distancing requirements and government guidelines.

Control room marked for social distancing

After the amazing work carried out by the NHS it was imperative, we do our upmost to continue the national effort. We have made the studio as safe as possible for our staff and clients, while preserving our philosophy to produce the best possible recordings. So, if you have been writing and demoing songs during lockdown and are ready to record them professionally, it’s now possible to do so safely at Astar Studios.

Measures taken include using signage and floor markings in all areas, installation of a hand sanitizer dispenser in the entrance area, hourly surface and daily deep cleaning throughout the studio, and the creation of ‘Social Distancing Zones’ within the large control and live rooms.

Each incoming project will be risk assessed in advance to determine the number of persons permitted in specific areas and allow for distancing while moving around the premises.

We have also varied our booking contract to include provision for rescheduling dates free of charge in the event that anyone from the company or the client, is affected by Covid-19 symptoms requiring isolation, or tests positive for the virus.

With all live venues shut and gigs cancelled, many musicians have turned to live streaming on social media. However, performing solo from home or collaborating with other musicians over the likes of Zoom simply isn’t the same. The novelty value is beginning to wear thin, and most importantly unlike gigs this activity generates no money for the artists who desperately need it and are giving their talent away for free.

Eventually music venues will reopen in some format. Maybe people will have to stand further apart or less people allowed in, but the first step is certainly trying to get back to some form of normality which this horrible virus has restricted us all from.

One thing is for sure – the desire to make music will never change and having the best quality recordings is now more important than ever to stand out from the crowd!

We would love to hear from you.


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Astar live room with social distancing markers

By Andy Ross