Recording and Singing Experience Days in Manchester

Are your family car journeys filled with dulcet tones from your child as they sing along, “enhancing” whatever track is playing out of the car’s stereo?  Maybe you have a young person in your life who loves to perform or produce, singing at any given opportunity or spending their free time mixing and sampling on their computer or even some home decks.  Or do you have a friend whose lifetime wish is to make a record of their own?  Whatever the scenario, Astar Studios has a recording experience for you that will exceed your expectations.

Singing and recording studio experience days can be a great gift.  Our bespoke recording days are tailored to your needs and offer budding singers and producers, be it yourself, child, family member, friend, or a group of young people, with an unforgettable moment as they experience what it is like to be a real recording star in a studio.

Picture this, your day starts as you arrive in central Manchester at our state-of-the-art recording studio that is owned and managed by Mercury Music Prize nominated producer and songwriter, Andy Ross.  Before your visit we will have worked with you to select the best track, most likely one of your favourites, and the backing track will be loaded on to the decks ready for your arrival.  

Quality over quantity is never more apt a saying than in planning this experience – it’s a good idea not to record a suite of tracks in just one day, but to focus on walking away at the end of the recording experience with one stand-out song featuring your best killer vocals, which is edited, mixed and mastered by our expert sound engineers.  As your day progresses we work closely with you to ensure you record a track to be really proud of.

Do you have an original song you have been hoping to record or would you like to record a song that is truly fresh?  With a slight stretch of the budget we can work with you to bring this to reality.  You don’t have to play an instrument or even have a starting idea, simply co-write with an established songwriter or ask them to write something for you based on a particular style.   Astar Studios is fortunate to have Andy at the helm.  His experience and expertise as an international songwriter adds a certain je ne sais quoi to our recording studio experience days, which is a unique selling point, to say the least!  Andy says,

“I love teaching people the method of writing songs. A song is about the melody and the lyric, containing a strong hook and words that truly connect with the message you are trying to get across. Not everyone will have the natural ability to write great songs or even ever, that is simply a reality but regardless it’s a fun and loving thing to do and try. There are many people who love to play football but know that they are never going to be a great footballer or make it professionally, but they continue to play and this is no different. I am always willing to co-write and write for people who have a dream.”

Would you like to book a recording experience and walk in the footsteps of Oasis, Queen, Paul Weller, The Who, and even Rick Astley?  Contact us now to book your singing experience day or to arrange a truly unique gift for your loved one, which will be something never forgotten.

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