Recording Studios in Manchester

Peter Hook at Astar

(Peter Hook from Joy Division/New Order at Astar Recording Studios in Manchester)

Manchester has been lucky to witness and produce some of the most iconic bands and artists in musical history. Still a hub for discovering new talent Manchester is a city like no other.

Producer/Owner  Andy Ross of Astar Recording Studios in Manchester was inspired to open his own professional recording studio in 2008 off the back of the Manchester Music Scene, with the idea of helping to produce the next generation of great new music to emerge from the city. Astar is a professional recording studio like no other, not only being producer owned by a Mercury Prize Nominated Producer, but it is a place for creativity, experimentation and connected with key music industry partners to help empower artists and bands with the tools they need to be successful in this tough industry. Below features the stunning live room with world class acoustics at Astar Studios housed in Manchester with legendary drummer Steve White playing on the beautiful Yamaha in house drumkit.

Studio Tour Desktop

(Steve White – The Who/Paul Weller/Oasis at Astar Studios

Andy said, ‘I am Manchester born and bred and truly believe this city creates a buzz that no other place can rival. In 2008 I opened Astar Studios to help emerging artists produce recordings of unrivalled quality at affordable prices. Having been in a band myself, supporting the likes of Ian Brown on tour, I know just how hard the music industry is but that does not mean we should not aim to succeed and follow our dreams. Every band listed below will have been in the same position and whilst it may be harder today having to prove a market for yourself first by self-releasing, anything is possible.’

‘I am always keen to work with new artists and bands aside from the work I carry out with record labels. Just because an act is signed does not mean they are any better than one that is unsigned. In fact, I hate the word unsigned for this very reason!!!

Some of the Manchester acts that our city have been lucky enough to produce include:

The Smiths
1. The Smiths – Known for their indie rock sound and poetic lyrics led by Morrissey and the iconic Johnny Marr who continues to duet with many modern-day artists with his great musicianship and guitar sound.

Joy Division

 2. Joy Division – Joy Division managed to combine post-punk with unique atmospheric sounds and the band featured the distinctive vocals of the one and only Ian Curtis. Their debut album Unknown Pleasures received critical acclaim and is considered a seminal post-punk album. Despite their short existence their influence on post-punk can be classed as immeasurable.


3. Oasis – Fronted by brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher and inspired by the Beatles and The Stone Roses, Oasis took the back end of the 90s by storm with their anthemic songs and albums, Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory. The lads off the local council estate who were famously signed to Creation Records whilst playing at a dingy bar by Alan Mcgee are still referenced as probably the biggest act Manchester have ever produced despite their obvious influences.

The Stone Roses

4. The Stone Roses – Featuring Ian Brown on vocals and John Squire on guitar, alternative rock band The Stone Roses, released their self-titled debut album still considered one of the greatest of all time. The band were considered as one of the pioneering bands of the Madchester scene in the late 1980s and early 90s. The band’s sound featured jangly guitar playing riffs with catchy melodies and psychedelic influences.

The Happy Mondays

5. The Happy Mondays – No band could have been more prominent in the Madchester scene along with The Stone Roses, with the madness of Bez playing tambourine at the front of stage and the crazy vocals of front man Sean Ryder. The alternative dance and rock band from Salford brought about somewhat of a rave culture

Manchester continues to produce many new artists with most recently the 1975, Blossoms, Courteeners and Elbow to name just a few and it is Astar Studios who are determined to help produce the next influx of superstars.

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