Is Your Child the Next Singing Superstar

In the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of this remarkable city, the talent held within its walls has a history of shining brightly. From musical legends to sporting icons, Manchester has birthed numerous stars who have left an indelible mark on the world stage.

Now, as a new generation of young talents emerge, it is time to ask, “is your child the next Mancunian to take centre stage and make the city proud?”

Astar Studios recently had the privilege of welcoming this year’s talented winners of TheVoice Kids TV show into the recording studio. Shanice and Andrea, 11 year old identical twins, captured the hearts of viewers with their remarkable voices and got three judges to turn their chairs for them in the first auditions.

Shanice and Andrea’s very first single, ‘Destiny’, is co-written by Astar Studios’ Director, Andy Ross, and Luke Edwards. The track is very special to all of us at Astar Studios as it features the late Simon Goulding on bass, who was Astars’ resident bass player for the 10 years prior to his passing.

The day the girls arrived at the studio was filled with excitement. Shanice and Andrea brought their youthful energy and enthusiasm to our recording studio doors, arriving ready to turn their recording dreams into reality. The passion that both of the girls have for music is infectious, and this set the tone for our collaboration.

The lyrics of the song grew from their personal identity. They take their unique family situation performing together as not only sisters but twins, and mix it with the idea of achieving their musical dreams as a twosome. Once settled into the state-of-the-art live room at Astar Studios, Shanice and Andrea’s voices soared. Their harmonies were nothing short of enchanting, and their ability to convey emotion through song was extraordinary. As a team, we worked hard to shape this debut single, ensuring it showcased their exceptional talent.

It is always a pleasure recording songs and making music with young people at Astar Studios, but in this instance the synergy we shared with Shanice and Andrea was something special. The girls were not just gifted vocalists; they were creative collaborators, contributing their ideas, experimenting with melodies, and infusing the song with their unique style. It was a beautiful meeting of artistic minds, a real pleasure for all of us at the studio.

After days of hard graft – recording, editing, and mixing – we finally held the finished debut single in our hands. It was a moment filled with anticipation and pride…we knew we had created something extraordinary, but we couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

As Shanice and Andrea’s debut single prepares to make its way into the world, the team at Astar Studios is filled with pride. Playing a part in the magic of creating musical careers is what we work hard in the recording studio for every day, for these girls and for everybody else who records with us. Thank you to you all for trusting and sharing your journeys with us, it is why we love doing what we do.

Watch out for these rising stars – they are destined for greatness – and we are on the lookout for future child recording stars! Does your child have musical talent or are they interested in voiceovers? Contact Astar Studios today to talk through your options with our recording experts:
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Since recording with Shanice and Andrea, Astar Studios has had the pleasure of working with two further young artists. Again from The Voice kids, we welcomed Will Edgar to produce his debut EP and first single, ‘I Love You?, which has just been released.

Will’s visit was followed quickly by Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Aneeshwa, who was recognised as a top 100 global child prodigy in the 2022 Child Prodigy Awards, for his incredible environmental work. Aneeshwa came to the studio to work on his currently project, which sees him doing voiceover work for a new TV programme to be shown soon on Sky Kids.